I love black and white portrait photography in all its shades. 
At this moment in my life I am very attracted to sepia portrait.
Sepia (or sepia brown) is a dark shade that takes its name from the pigment extracted from the ink pouch of the marine creature of the same name. 
This is a color that in monochromatic drawings allows very particular effects
It is a black-brown shade with warm transparencies. 
There is also a shade of light brown , tending to red and gray defined in the same way , and often used in the photographic field to recreate the effect of an aged photo.
Modern photography also uses sepia in a two-tone technique , often with the colors brown and black, or brown and red. 
A duotone will have richer shades of color due to the two-color printing technique involved , and many photographs that appear to be sepia at first glance are actually duotones.
Many fine art photographs are printed as duotons , as the image will appear more lush and saturated.
The sepia tone , when applied to a photo , gives the image a warm , antique look. 
Modern photographers use sepia to make a photo look older or as a stylistic choice.
Many old photographs were printed with sepia ink extracted from cuttlefish , and photographs printed in this style tend to evoke an older era. 
Most digital photo editing programs offer a sepia tone option , along with a grayscale conversion and other photo filters to enhance the look of an image.
A project by Leonardo Bandinelli​​​​​​​

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